It is nice to know that finally our prime security services are preparing various counter-strategies to deal with CIA-sponsored private networks of spying and subversive activities in case the Americans did not pay heed to the calls to halt their activities, or if a settlement could not be reached between Islamabad and Washington. Measures under consideration include various tactics to quell or neutralize the private network of the CIA on Pakistani soil. However, it is quit shocking that our officials rose to the occasion after the 'proud disclosures by American sources about the establishment of such networks in the tribal areas, as well as the cities and towns of Pakistan and only now they have embarked on a project to devise ways and means to deal with this extremely grave situation. While our agencies are engaged in this exercise, someone should also inform our embassies abroad about the new strategy and to advise them to discontinue the practice of issuing visas to the Americans in bulk and without prior security clearance, in case they are continuing the practice. Also, our officials should desist from receiving very enthusiastically and warmly the constant stream of unwelcome visitors from the US who come here under the pretext of trying to improve the deteriorating relations and issue veiled threats, demanding forced cooperation. Instead, they should be asked to stay back home and work on their own thuggish, imprudent, over-zealous and unruly officials like Leon Panetta who are spoiling things for just about every one, including their own government. On top of all this,a report in The Nation of April 26 states thatAmerican CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mosad have joined hands and are doing all they can to severe from Pakistan its mineral-rich province, Balochistan, which also holds great strategic importance. We also hear of American plans to merge our tribal areas with Afghanistan, to create a Greater Pashtonishtan. Despite all this,the US ambassador Cameron Munterinsists that the US respects sovereignty of Pakistan and to take the joke further, hehas'assured us that the Americans are honest with us, because they are our friends. How nice. S.R.H. Hashmi Karachi