At around 5pm on April 23, 2013 men, women, and children of all ages merrily walked or jogged on the tracks of Model Town Park, when suddenly, a van with a mounted spray-gun, arrived to spray insecticides. Five to six-thirty in the evening is prime time when people are walking or jogging in the park inhaling deeply. The arrival of spray vehicle at that time is nothing short of a disaster; it went around the 2.5km track, leaving behind a huge cloud of pungent and toxic smoke. As a result, women covered their faces and children and the elderly began to cough. What would you call this if not apathy and lack of good sense on the part of the society management? The park could have been sprayed after 10pm or in the early morning, when it is closed for the public.

Moreover, the society management doubled the entry fee from Rs5 to Rs10 and increased the parking fee from Rs10 to Rs20 per vehicle from first week of January for non-residents of the society. When non-residents pay double the fee for entry and parking, the residents only pay Rs10 for parking their vehicles. Is it not robbing the non-members of the society to benefit the affluent members? The society must treat both members and non-members impartially, as park is a public place and not a source of profit.


Lahore, April 24