Through the media, I want people to become aware of the non-human and insane attitude towards Midway Island. This Island is located in Oceania, Atoll in North Pacific Ocean, about one-third of the way from Honolulu to Tokyo. It's a habitat for many birds and fish of different species. Today, we claim that we are an advanced people with technology and ideas to maintain environment to live easily, but at the same time we are dumping our waste, especially plastic waste, in the sea from where it travels to many islands, one of them is Midway Island.

Now the dumping of waste has reached to that extent that when a wave reaches the seashore it brings tiny particles of plastic with it. The creatures living under sea and on land are dying due to swallowing and breathing this plastic waste. Even the crabs are swallowing these particles. The Laysan Albatross commonly known as Gooney Bird, their off spring are the main victims. When research was done it was found that the plastic is the only cause of death. In conclusion this waste is destroying the creature living on the island at a massive level. A request is made to all Human Rights activists and all humanitarians to look into the case and find some solution to save these lives.


Karachi, April 24.