PPP is harping a lot through newspaper advertisements about their so-called projects of electricity generation. If this was true, the country would have been in a much better condition than what it is suffering at the moment. I am a student of O-Levels and my final GCE examinations are coming up. I have always been doing well in my exams, and this time around I also hope to pass with flying colours, but long and unscheduled power outages are a big hurdle to achieving my target and I wonder, will I be able to come up to the expectations of my mentors?

I belong to a lower middle class family and my father tries his best to provide me and my siblings’ needs within his limited resources. We do not have UPSs or a generator, only a couple of emergency lights, which conk out after an hour or so. Resultantly, I have to depend on candle light which is adversely affecting my health – my eyesight is getting weaker and my hair is turning grey just at the age of 15. I also have to face a swarm of mosquitoes in the absence of fan, yet another threat to my health. I cannot do any research work on my computer because of a very short span of electricity and then a long spell of blackouts. Our worthy CM Punjab also failed to provide any relief in this regard. Instead, he utilized all his resources and energies in the Laptops scheme, which is beneficial for a limited population. These acts and deeds of our rulers speak volumes about their vision and farsightedness. Perhaps they don’t understand the need of a common man. I would like to ask who would be responsible if, God forbid, I fail to achieve my goal despite hard work and diligence? It will not only shatter my dreams but affect the lives of my family.


Lahore, April 24.