OIC is the second largest multilateral organization after the United Nations having 57 member states with 21 percent of the world's population. The primary goal of the OIC is to strengthen the bonds of unity and solidarity among the Muslim states. Beside, the other objectives of the OIC the charter of OIC stresses on safeguarding the Muslim communities and Muslim minorities in non- members states.

The recent reports in media exposed that violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is leading to the death of hundreds of Muslims. Countless Muslims have been injured and their property destroyed in Rohingya. The present outbreak in Myanmar between Buddhist and Muslim has led to fresh killings and destruction; many were killed in the attempt to flee to Bangladesh and other neighboring countries, which is grave violation of human rights and humanitarian law. The persistent persecution of Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar is totally unacceptable, against principles of humanity and justice. We believe that the OIC, being the collective voice of Muslim world should play its role and take firm steps for improving Rohingya Muslims status in Myanmar and send clear diplomatic message to the Muslim world to unite and safeguard the rights of Rohingya Muslims.


Abbottabad, April 24.