VIENNA - A silver lock of an Austrian emperor’s hair and a ring containing a jewel unearthed by Napoleon in Egypt and then given to his wife Josephine have been auctioned in Vienna. Franz Joseph’s hair lock went for 13,720 euros ($17,870) to an unidentified buyer while an unnamed Italian telephone bidder bought the ring for 97,900 euros, the Dorotheum auction house said. Napoleon (1769-1821) discovered the antique gemstone during his militarily disastrous but scientifically successful expedition - it also turned up the famed Rosetta Stone - to Egypt in 1798-99. Pocketing it in the ruins of Pelesium, Napoleon gave the jewel to general Antoine-Francois Andreossy, an antiquities buff, but then asked for it back and presented it to Josephine. She then had it made into a ring, and as a wealth of surviving accompanying documents show, she then gave it to her private secretary Count Vincenz Brunetti.