Out of many problems, the major problem which our country is facing is the threat from terrorists to our politicians. Political parties especially ANP, PPP and MQM have security threats from TTP and this also halts the process of the election campaigns. Caretaker government is making efforts it seems to ensure and provide security to politicians. Election Commission of Pakistan has also issued the list of highly sensitive polling stations in different areas in order to provide more security to these places during election. Terrorism is not the problem which we have to face for the first time these days but unfortunately no serious endeavor have been taken by any government – past or present -- military and other security agencies to eliminate this danger. With the passage of time this problem has become worse and now the politicians are demanding security from these same elements. Elections are near and keeping in view the seriousness of this problem, it should be the top priority for the new government. If the situation is not handled soon, it will spiral out of control and there will be no future for this country or the people living here.


Lahore, April 24.