Entrepreneurship is about identifying, developing and bringing vision to life. In Pakistan, industry is perceived as ‘large plants and factories’ with a large number of workers. The value of entrepreneurship particularly with respect to small industries is given little importance. Unfortunately, small scale industrial sector has always been ignored in our economic policies despite the fact that small industry is thought to covers 40 percent of the total businesses in Pakistan.

There is also no appropriate precise statistical data regarding the growth rate of small scale sector, which shows how badly this sector is being neglected. In the past, the industry showed a growth rate, albeit a stagnant one although there was always the possibility of improvement. Later the labor intensive nature of this sector was also realised. Different institutes e.g. SMEDA, National Small Industries Development Corporation and Small Scale Industry Corporation etc are established for providing facilities to small industries but these institutions have not paid the expected dividend. Moreover, this sector has always been neglected by the state government and as there is no appropriate statistical data available, it continues to be considered a ‘grey area’. In Pakistan, small scale sector and informal sector has led to increased employment in construction, wholesale, retail trading, transport, hotels and storage industry in urban areas but unfortunately still the government has not backed it up in the right way. There is dire need for collection of data regarding the contribution this sector makes to the economy. 

Rakia Tariq