I am most grateful to Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti for his very kind appreciation of my letter ‘The Factual Position’ in his letter titled ‘Water , water everywhere’ printed in the Nation of April 23. It is only fair that The Nation should also print my follow up letter, ‘The Factual Position’, Part II. I would like to say that the other complaint the Sindh assembly had was that Sindh was not getting its due share, as per the Water Accord. They should know that the Accord cannot be implemented until availability of water has been increased through construction of Kalabagh dam. The sole purpose of the Accord was to develop consensus on Kalabagh dam. Why else would Punjab have offered a reduction in its own share in order to increase Sindh’s share in all future dams, equal share for both despite the vast difference between population and area under cultivation. All increased allocations under the Award were subject to the construction of Kalabagh dam. Could the Award have allotted 37% and 14% to Punjab and KPK respectively and not made provision for the left and right bank canals through which these shares could be utilized. It does not make sense for Sindh to ignore all of the above and still demand an increased share under the ‘Award’.


Lahore, April 23.