KARACHI- Leader of the opposition in the Senate Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has said the Geo TV channel will have to compensate by admitting its mistake of launching campaign against ISI and its head after attack on Hamid Mir.

Talking to media persons after visiting the injured anchorperson Hamid Mir at Agha Khan hospital today along with BNP leader Mir Hasil

Bizenjo, Aitzaz Ahsan said PEMRA should resolve the case filed with it against the channel without accepting any pressure from the government.

He said the PPP would oppose ban on any TV channel as that would be equal to surrender of freedom of expression. He said if the media surrendered, then no journalist would be able to express his independent opinion. Aitzaz Ahsan said he was terribly surprised when he heard about the application by Defence Minister Khawaja Asif to PEMRA warning Geo channel of serious consequences. He said Khawaja Asif should have taken the decision of filing application after consultation with legal experts. He said Geo should also admit its fault and compensate for that.

Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said the Judicial Commission of the Supreme would not be able to resolve the case as it is not the question of inquiry but investigation and the Judicial Commission has no capability of forensic investigation. He said Hamid Mir is a brave journalists and he will have to go to the United States to get the bullets removed from his legs. He said he and Mir Hasil Bizenjo have requested Hamid Mir to go abroad for treatment.

Mir Hasil Bizenjo on the occasion said they got encouraged after meeting Hamid Mir whose life is very precious for Pakistan and its people. He said Hamid Mir should not take any risk and should go abroad for treatment as soon as possible.