Like many other residing in the city of food lovers, I too am not a local Lahorite. However, irrespective of the place where we come from, people of Lahore share unbeatable enthusiasm for food. Be it Nehari or Chinese, we will have it all. It sounds even better if we have them all in one place. Luckily Options give you many options to choose the meal of your choice.

Coming from Canal to Barkat Market, one is often intrigued by the blinking neon sign of Options Restaurant which seems nothing less than an invitation. Me and my colleague were well attracted by this subtle invitation to try a new place so we went in. We liked the place immediately but thought that lights could do better. The restaurant was lit with green lights but later we realized that green lights were turned on to celebrate the cricket fever of T20 World Cup. The manager told that lights are changed according to the occasions. A cricket match was being on aired on a huge LCD screen. However, beyond lights, screen and even interior there was another striking feature which would make anybody come back again to the restaurant that was live kitchen. Within glass enclave, the chefs were working on the meals. In short the cleanliness was ensured which sounded nothing less than a relief for I have seen mice running in two famous restaurants of Lahore and I have seen many reports of food places sealed owing to bad quality or lack of cleanliness. Live kitchen ensured that customers could have a look at the chefs who were preparing food.

A piano was being played in the cozy hall. We placed the order via virtual menu card. The menu cards have buttons so that you could place the order right from your table without calling on the waiters. It sounds like less of trouble for both the waiters and the visitors.

 Right next to us was sitting a couple with two kids. Amazingly the husband and wife could eat their meal with perfect peace of mind owing to the grand aquarium covering the whole wall of the restaurant. The kids were engrossed in observing all strange kinds of sea creature including star fishes and dog fishes.

Along with main hall there is a conference hall for avoiding noise. Right next to the restaurant is the café which offers coffee and beverages. There were preparations going on for displaying India-Pakistan match. There was gaming zone where you could carry your Starbucks coffee.

Most importantly, the food quality was good. We liked the special soup and Pakistani cuisine the best. The soups were presented in the rusk pots. BBQ of Iranian, Lebanese and Pakistani origin are offered along with fast food. Drenched in sugary syrup hot Gulab Jamans seem to be a specialty of the restaurant. Cheesy pizzas, exotic rice and yummilicious sandwiches at reasonable pricing are no less than a treat for the food lovers who sure will come again and again to avail the variety of options.