ISLAMABAD- The spokesperson of Jamiat Ulema Islam Jan Achakzai, has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s decision to launch protest on May 11, 2014 is aimed at undermining democratic system on the behest of outside lobbies who have already tasked Dr Tahir Ul Qadri with the same goal.

In a statement today, Jan Achakzai said that PTI had joined hands with anti democratic forces like Dr Tahir Ul Qadri to derail the system and attempting to sneak into power through back doors. "Why he did accept the results of May 2013 elections when he was fouled in Punjab elections, according to his claim? Is it not because he wanted to enjoy power in KP?" asked Achakzai.

He said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had the backing of powerful lobbies in the West, that was why on a wink, he jumped into the fray by announcing protest campaign from May 11, 2014. He suspected that Imran Khan and Dr Ul Qadri will soon join a single platform to destabilise democratic system and create an environment for undemocratic forces to benefit.

About Imran Khan 's statement on Geo group, Achakzai said why Imran Khan did not criticise Geo when it attacked Idealogy of Pakistan, undermined concept of Khatam-e- Nabowat, promoted vulgar culture in the country and maligned Parliament and politicians."Why now this sudden awakening of Imran Khan 's conscience after Hamid Mir episode, unless he has been winked to issue such statements?," he asked.  He said that Imran Khan is a master of U-turn and will somehow reverse his protest call as he regretted his joining of lawyers' movement for restoration of former Chief Justice Chohdary Iftikhar. He said that Mr Khan has no commitment to democracy as he is himself a major beneficiary of May 11, 2013 rigged elections. He said that Imran Khan was simply making his outside patrons happy and trying to sneak into power through back doors. "But democratic forces will not allow his dream come true through this way," he added.