Michigan -Kate Upton can see why her character in The Other Woman might seem unlikeable.

The model has switched the runway for the big screen in The Other Woman, which is about a married man who has two mistresses. She takes on the part of Amber, a curvaceous blonde who has captivated the attention of the film's cheat, Mark, who is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

‘She's definitely naive,’ the 21-year-old mused to British magazine Very. ‘She's young and sweet and she sees the whole world in a positive way. She thought she had a genuine relationship with Mark and believed all his lies. Amber seems to be the type of girl everybody wants to hate, but Cameron [Diaz] and Leslie's [Mann] characters don't hate her at all. They make friends with Amber and even bring her into their group. The film is inspiring for women because you should probably hate the young girl in the bikini running around the beach, but they realise Amber didn't know what was happening, and that she's as hurt by the situation as they are.’

Cameron plays Mark's other mistress, while Leslie takes on the role of his wife. The three women get even by plotting revenge together and Kate says the actresses became just as close in real life. ‘I feel so close to them. We could hang out and talk,’ she gushed about her co-stars. Kate has previously said she has been cheated on in the past and that she would walk away from anyone who didn't appreciate fidelity. ‘Honestly, I don't,’ she answered when asked if she thinks more men cheat than women.

‘I have a lot of guy friends and they've experienced women cheating on them as well. All of us have been through a cheating situation.’