HAFIZABAD - Middlemen in the fruit and vegetables market have created artificial shortage of different vegetables through hoarding.

Owing to hoarding, onion rate has gone up to Rs40, potato is selling at Rs60, green chilly at Rs50, ginger at Rs400, garlic at Rs260 and lemon at Rs400 per kilogramme. Now the vegetables are beyond even the rich men’s reach not to speak of the poor.  The Housewives Association Hafizabad has called upon the administrator of Market Committee, DCO and local lawmakers to take practical steps to ensure the provision of fruit and vegetables at reasonable rates.

WHEAT PROCUREMENT: The Kisan Board has called upon the government to simplify the procedure of the distribution of gunny bags to the growers and also ensure procurement of wheat at fixed rates. It also demanded timely payment to the growers.

Addressing a press conference, its local president Amanullah Chattha said that the middlemen were procuring wheat at Rs1,100 per 40kg against the fixed Rs1,200 rate. He demanded setting up of procurement centre in the local grain market for ensuring fair payments to the growers.

Dengue elimination linked to awareness: District Officer Social Welfare Muhammad Nawaz Gohar, Entomologist Fatima Haq and other speakers have called upon all segment of society to play their role to create awareness among the public to save them from dengue.

While addressing training workshop at Government College for Women here which was attended among others by female students and 250 volunteers, the speakers stressed the need for elimination of dengue mosquitoes and raising awareness among the public to take preventive measures to save themselves from dengue.

Meanwhile, Citizens Association, Awami Mahaz and different Labour Unions have appealed to the Health Department and TMA to relieve the hapless citizens from sleepless nights due to invasion of mosquitoes which were invading due to non-fumigation of breeding spots and open drains.

They said that for the last few years most of the departments concerned were only creating awareness among the citizens to save them from dengue virus but never bothered to fumigate residential areas, especially slum areas to eliminate all kinds of mosquitoes.