LAHORE  - A woman stabbed to death her only son at her house in Nadirabad, police said Saturday. The family of Mahjabeen said she has been suffering from mental illness. Investigators are yet to ascertain the motive behind the brutality.

Before initial investigation, the murderer mum was admitted to the Lahore Institute of Mental Health. The body of seven-year-old Haider was shifted to morgue for autopsy.

According to sources, the killer is said to be the relative of police officer and the investigators were trying to help her escape capital punishment by declaring her mentally sick. Police also recovered the killing weapon – knife – from the scene.

Neighbours say the husband of Mahjabeen has been staying in France for last couple of years. The man is rumoured to have tied the knot abroad. The woman frequently used to torture her son over petty issues, according to neighbours.

“There is a strong possibility that she killed her son in revenge to hurt her husband, who otherwise was in constant contact with her over phone,” a resident said on anonymity. “Also, there were cut wounds on the hands of the killer, indicating she brutally stabbed the boy besides beating him,” a police investigator said.

Sources close to the investigators said the woman did not respond to any of the questions asked by the police at the crime scene. “She is in a state of shock. She is unwilling to speak to anybody,” a police official said. Further investigation was underway.

Police sealed the house soon after the happening and no one was allowed to visit the crime scene. Earlier, Police reached the spot and arrested the woman after her neighbour’s informed the Rescue-15 about the murder. No case has been registered against the killer so far.

TORTURED: An unidentified man was found tortured to death from Kahna. The body was moved to the morgue for autopsy. Police have launched the investigation to unearth the killers.

EXPIRED: A 14-year-old boy, who sustained burn injuries after balloons’ explosion in Nishtar Colony last week, expired on Saturday.  Naveed and 40 other kids were admitted to a hospital with sever burns as they tried to capture the stray balloons sent to the air on the inauguration of Walton flyover. The Punjab chief minister had inaugurated the flyover.