Yesterday I was commuting by a rickshaw from my workplace towards my home. The rickshaw driver chose the way, where Orange Line is being constructed. I was very furious on his choice of route and inquired him why did he choose such an inundated track. Then he asked me if the benefits of this Orange Line Metro Train were in my knowledge. He told me that he has been driving auto-Rickshaw for many years and he has experienced immense difference on the roads over the past few years due to construction of flyovers and roads.

You have no idea about the positive changes this Metro train would bring on the roads of Lahore. It will lessen the traffic congestion plus it is very economical for the students and working women like you. The amount you are paying me will soon be very less i.e. rupees 20 with the completion of Orange Train Metro. All the things that a Rickshaw driver was saying, made complete sense to me.

WAJEEHA AHMAD, Lahore, April 18.