LAHORE - Ajoka Theatre is taking two of its acclaimed plays ‘Bala King ‘and ‘Anhi Maai da Sufna’ to Islamabad for a two day theatre event. The performances are organized in collaboration with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts and plays will be performed at the National Art Gallery auditorium on 29th and 30th April. Both the plays are written by Ajoka’s Shahid Nadeem. Bala King is directed by Madeeha Gauhar and ‘Anhi Mai Da Sufna’ by veteran Indian theatre director Usha Ganguli. ‘Bala King’ is a Punjabi adaptation of Bertlot Brecht’s play written with allegorical reference to the rise of Hitler in Germany .The play traces the rise of a Lahori petty criminal gang to political prominence. It is a strong indictment of the use of bribe and intimidation in politics. ‘Anhi Maai Da Sufna’ is based on some true stories of the generation dislocated during the partition of 1947. It highlights the shattered dreams of two old humans who have unprecedented love for their homeland. The play is being presented as part of Ajoka’s activities linked to the 70th anniversary of Partition.