LAYYAH: A man died today morning after he had poison. He had given poison to his five children too in a small village of Layyah, according to hospital sources.

Police says, 30-year-old Tariq Mehmood had poisoned his five children and himself over petty domestic issues. The children died immediately, they were all between the age of five and twelve, and there was one boy and four girls.

Hassan, Tariq’s brother, found the children in an unconscious state and his brother throwing up around 5AM. Hassan lives next door and he informed the police. The family were taken to the hospital, where doctors said the children had died due to poison.  

Tariq’s condition was critical so he was shifted to Nishtar Hospital in Multan.

According to initial investigation by the police, Tariq Mehmood was upset over domestic disputes, due to which he took the step. He had divorced his wife last year. Mehmood was a laborer in Layyah.

Meanwhile Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken the notice of this incident and ordered concern authorities to send him a report immediately.