MANDI BAHAUDDIN  -  The education and health sectors seem to have been ignored or have been deliberately obscured from the government, although billions of rupees are being spent on construction of roads, streets, parks and other infrastructures in the district 

A survey report, conducted by this correspondent, reveals that all the development funds allocated for uplift of the district have been spent on construction of roads, rehabilitation and tuff-tiling of streets, establishment of new parks, installation of barbed wires on boundary walls of the state institutions and laying of sewerage. But in the education and health sector, nothing tangible could be done except inauguration of some new primary and secondary schools or renovation of buildings of some deteriorated schools.  

According to official sources, Mandi Bahauddin is estimated to have a population of Rs2 million but the district lacks a state-run university and hospital for its residents. The existing medical facilities like Basic Health Units (BHU) and THQ Hospitals are insufficient and lack the modern equipment to meet health needs of the citizens. The construction of a new DHQ Hospital, started during the PML-Q government, has been ignored completely and it is still laying half way to completion due to negligence and apathy of the incumbent government. 

Similarly, as far as educational condition of the district is concerned, it lacks university for higher education. In 2014, College of Technology Rasul was upgraded to University of Engineering and Technology but later the government de-notified it and reversed the institution to the previous status of a college.  

Recently Nadra office in Mandi Bahauddin city was closed, now due to which inhabitants of the city and its localities have to visit Nadra office on King Road and Sohawa Diloana. Former Mandi Municipal Committee Chairman Malik Salahuddin said that education and health is important for development and prosperity of a society. He said that the government should consider problems and difficulties of the people and resolve them on priority basis. He said that a state-run university must be established in the district. He also demanded the authorities to establish a sub-campus of the Punjab University to provide quality education at their hometown. 

He demanded restoration of University of Engineering and Technology Rasul, completion of the DHQ Hospital and reopening of Nadra office in Mandi city.