Pakistan’s Defence minister Khawaja Muhammed Asif while speaking at the sixth Moscow Conference on International Security said if the Kashmir issue is not resolved peace and stability will remain at stake.

While discussing the issue, Defence Minister said that if the issue is left unsettled, the region will collectively suffer. 

“The Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the UN resolution. All peace proposals made by Pakistan are not being reciprocated by India,” he said.   

He also pointed out that the world community has some responsibilities to address some of the long-standing conflicts. “India continues to stay away from any reasonable diplomatic approach to the resolution of Kashmir issue .”

While commenting on the situation in the Middle East, the Defence Minister Khawaja Asif termed the United States’ attack on Syria as 'external interference.'

Khawaja Asif told Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, “The situation in Afghanistan can be stabilized if Russia plays its part.”