Islamabad - Speakers at a round table discussion on Thursday demanded the government to establish think tanks at a national level for the resolution of contemporary challenges. Pakistani universities need to ponder how to bridge the gap between science and religion, they urged. The Muslim Institute organized a round table discussion entitled “Science and Metaphysics, A Muslim Perspective” at the national library.

The Session was chaired by Dr Zulifqar Ali Awan. Dr Aliya Sohail Khan, Adrees Azad, Dr Asim Raza, Prof Dr Dildar Ahmed Alvi, Prof Dr Suheyl Umar and Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali were some of the distinguished speakers at the event. The discussion was aimed to explore the prospects of history regarding the topic.

Scholars lamented the apathy of Muslims regarding knowledge. “Today’s philosophers tend to reflect upon the debate of ultimate reality. Developed over the idea of finding the true nature of matter and energy and their dynamics, science itself seems challenging its grounds by eliminating the question of truthfulness of scientific theories in its modern manner,” said a speaker. The second session was to present an overview of the philosophy of Muslim philosophers, especially their works.

The speakers were unanimous that questioning is the basic unit towards scientific progress. The thinkers underlined the need to open the debate for further exploration. There is no denying the fact that religion starts where science ends. But the precision and confidence given by science has posed serious threats to humanity. Time is ripe so the world leaders need to seek solutions to these emerging challenges, they urged.