The importance of English language is undeniable in country like Pakistan. English is being used as a lingua franca. All modes of knowledge like science and technology taught in English language. English is used as an official language in Pakistan. Although English is being taught at primary level in Pakistan but students do not become fluent speaker of the language. English is the medium of all competitive exams (CSS, PCS) entry tests (NAT, GAT, HAT, MCAT etc.) And indigenous and foreign scholarships tests like international (GRE, TEFL, TOFEL, IELTS, etc.) Because of less command over the English language, students cannot secure good grades in their higher education. Students face real challenge regarding English language when they enter into practical life . The reason behind the poor performance of students in English language is the unavailability of lingual labs at foundation level and hiring of untrained staff, which have insufficient knowledge regarding English language. Therefore students cannot master the proper accent and pronunciation of English language at earlier stage . To address this gap Government should take some necessary measures by building lingual labs at foundation level and by hiring trained teachers of English language. Although these measures cannot be taken within a short period of time but government should start training of the serving teachers so that the problem may be addressed at the earliest. At least these measures will help the next generation to use English language in a way that it should be acknowledged.


Vehari, April 25.