The striking word ‘Gold’ is not indicating the huge and dominating body such as politician. But here it presents the inner self of man. Being human, we pay serious and severe attention to just our outer look to capture the attention of onlookers. But we do not worry to groom our inner self, that links to our creature. First of all, we have to bring good changes in our inside, where outcome will definitely gives a sport to our outside. We have to take small steps to change first of all our inner self. As if goes to keep our surrounding neat and clean. The process of bringing evolutions actually first implicate our own self than to dominating politicians. Being students, we have to pay full attention to our studies to make marks in our country. Being parents, we have to give such upbringing that will not only nourish a Childs baby but also his mind and soup.

As Napoleon said, ‘Give me good mothers I will give you a good nation’. The gold is our inner self which is abode of our creature and iron in our body. So we have to feed our body with good thoughts and characters. Bringing changes at a small proportion first and it will definitely gives improvements at large scale.

Not in utopia, subterranean fields or some secreted island, heavens knows where! But in the very world, which is the world, of all of us the place in the end, we find our happiness or not at all.


Vehari, April 25.


 their girls out of the door but without facing such difficulties Pakistan girls are passionate to get education.

Indubitably, A country’s progress doesn’t lies upon building or launching development and infrastructural projects but education and building a culture of peace and prosperity.


Turbat, March 28.