KARACHI - Karachi University Social Sciences Dean Professor Dr Muhammad Ahmed Qadri said that Iqbal’s message was the message of a lively, nations sustain not from slogans but from character, the world can’t forget and ignore the message and character of Iqbal.

He was addressing at an international conference entitled “Allama Iqbal: Fikri aur Asri Tanazur” organised by Department of Urdu at Arts Auditorium on Thursday.

He said that Iqbal covered each and every aspect of human problems in his work in English, Urdu, Persian and other languages. We need centuries to understand the concept of “Fikri Ijtihaad”.

Professor Dr Rafiuddin Hashmi said that Iqbal is a big name in our history; there were only few people who have thoroughly contributed in literary, social and political fields including Allama Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Muhammad Ali Johar, Abul Kalam Azad, Maulana Moudodi.

“It’s not easy to understand the thoughts of Iqbal, he was a poet, philosopher, politician and researcher. We celebrate Iqbal Day and give him great regard but we don’t follow him in our practical lives,” he added.

Islamic Education and Cultural Centre Heuston USA Director Sadaf Akbani said that western societies learned a lot from Iqbal especially how nations survive in difficult circumstances.

“We are working hard in America to promote the message of Iqbal among Pakistani community especially young people, we must promote the thoughts and philosophy of Iqbal”, she added.

DG Pakistan Academy of Letters Dr Rashid Hameed said that Iqbal was the only philosopher whose philosophy was not mere a theory or idea but we see its practical shape in the form of Pakistan.

Department of English Professor Dr Iftikhar Shafi said that English is a name of a whole culture for us, Iqbaliat are also taught in department of English.

Department of Persian Professor Dr Shahla Noori said that we need the thoughts and philosophy of Iqbal in modern times.