Chemists’ strike adds to patients’ woes

2018-04-27T03:06:39+05:00 OUR STAFF REPORTERS

GUJRANWALA/HAFIZABAD/OKARA/ TOBA TEK SINGH/SHARAQPUR/  ZAFARWAL/SIALKOT  -  The chemists across the Punjab province observed complete strike against the Drug Act thereby adding to the patients’ problems and grievances on Thursday.

All the medical stores in the city and tehsil areas remained closed resultantly the patients faced difficulties to get medicines. A protest was also staged by the Medical Store Owners Association at Munir Chowk. The protesters chanted slogans against Punjab government while speakers said that their strike would continue till the acceptance of their demands.

Chemists in Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sukheke Mandi, Kaleke Mandi, Jalalpur Bhattian, Rasulpur Tarar, Kolo Tarar, Vanike Tarar and other towns of the district observed complete strike to protest against the amended Drugs Act. They caused a lot of hardship and inconvenience to the patient in getting required medicines.

The Chemists and Druggists Association called upon the government to withdraw the amended Drugs Act 2017 which is what they said tantamount to economic murder of the druggists.

Sialkot-based chemists observed shutdown on the appeal of Punjab Chemists Council (PCC). They lodged strong protest by keeping all the medical stores and pharmacies shut in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

They said that the Drugs Act was not acceptable in its present shape.

On the other side, the Pakistan Medical Association resolved to continue quick action against quacks and illegal clinics under the directions of Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar.

In a meeting, the PMA unanimously passed a resolution and eulogized the campaign against quacks and illegal clinics. In the second resolution, action against MBBS doctors during campaign was condemned, particularly it was taken as a serious matter that the clinic of Dr Shakil Ahmad Anjum Ramay in the Cant was closed, despite the fact that he was a qualified practitioner.

Chemists and Druggists Association district President Mian Imran Manzoor said that all the medical stores owners had closed their business as a protest over the apathy of government in redressing their demands.

Addressing a meeting of medical stores owners of the district he said Drug Act 2017 was a black law under which medical stores were being sealed by the government officials on different pretexts. He said it will cause unemployment of thousands of people related to the business.

He demanded to stop the action against medical stores and announced that strike and protest will continue for indefinite period.

The police started operation against drug dealers with the arrest of 11 of them. According to report SHO Zafarwal Shoab Kamran announced that he has controlled crime rate in area since taking charge of Zafarwal police station. He gave details that he has arrested eleven criminals in past 10 days. Twelve absconding criminals were of category A and B. A protest was held in Sharaqpur Sharif by the owners of medical stores and pharmacies of Sharaqpur against the Drug Act.


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