ISLAMABAD - While the shocking incidents of slaughtering asses for unwittingly human consumption have reportedly been increased in different parts of the country, the donkeys’ population comparatively rose raised to 0.1 million in the outgoing fiscal year.

The population of donkeys in the country was increased like other livestock, including poultry, goat, cattle, buffalo and sheep.

The Economic Survey of Pakistan (2017-18), quoting the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, revealed that the population of mules, horses and camels was same like the corresponding fiscal year.

The estimated figure  - based on inter-census growth rate of livestock census 1996 and 2006 - shows that the population of buffalos was estimated as 38.8 million, goat 74.1 million, sheep 30.5 million, poultry 1210 million, camel 1.1 million, asses 5.3 million, horses 0.4 million and mules o.2 million.

The population of poultry comparatively saw a significant increase of 1,210 million in the last financial year whereas its population was noted as 1,108 million in the corresponding year (2016-17).

The economic survey further revealed that the population of mules and horses remained almost same in the country. The population of mules in the year 2000-01 was noted as 0.2 million and after around 17 years the numbers of this livestock is almost the same.

Likewise, the population of horses was 0.3 million in 2000-01 and saw increase of 0.1 million in 2008-09 and remained same till the last fiscal year.

According to the first three-year of the incumbent government, the survey revealed, donkeys’ population increased by two hundred thousand while the camels, mules and horses remained the same.

In the previous government era (PPP’s government), the survey suggests, the population of asses increased by four hundred thousand. In the former president Pervez Musharraf era, the number of population of asses increased upto six-hundred thousand.