KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh Executive Senior Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the era of the corrupt rulers in Pakistan is about to end, adding the disqualification of Khawaja Asif is victory of truth.

He was speaking to the participants of Caravan e Sindh rally that left Karachi for Lahore on Thursday.

More than 50 vehicles, participating in the rally, decorated with the PTI flags, led by Haleem Adil Sheikh started their journey from the Insaf House. PTI Sindh president Dr Arif Alvi, Karachi Division president Shamim Naqvi and other leaders met the workers before the departure of the rally.

Talking on the occasion, Haleem Adil said the Caravan e Sindh would participate in the Jalsa of Youm e Tasees at Lahore. He said more than 50 vehicles are part of the rally, while many other party workers are travelling to Lahore by train. He said we had asked the Pakistan Railway to book a full train for us but Khawaja Saad Rafiq refused. He said this night the rally would reach Sukkur where a large number of party workers would attend a celebration.

He said next day they would reach Multan and after staying there for night, next morning they would leave for Lahore. He said we do not accept a two-class based system. He said if the masses want to get rid of the corrupt rulers, they should join the rally of Lahore to support Imran Khan.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said the Punjab police have readied their Guloo Buts in police uniform. He warned that if they tried to stop us they would get a befitting reply. He said that the time has already changed.

He said the verdict of the Lahore High Court regarding the disqualification of Khawaja Asif is the victory of truth and we warmly welcome it. He said gradually all corrupt people are being made accountable for their misdeeds. He said soon a system would be introduced in this country in which all people, rich or poor, would be doled out justice. He said the corrupt people would go jail and the country would get development and progress. He said the struggle of Chairman Imran Khan would soon bear fruit, adding people of Pakistan are with the PTI.

PTI Sindh Minority Wing President Jay Parkash Ukrani, Jahansher Junejo, Imran Qureshi, Dr Masror Sial Chanesar Arisar and other leaders accompanied the rally.