In present age, the race of marks is leading the students towards a very bad habit. That habit is called cramming. Students are not developing their reading and learning skill. They are moving forward by applying cramming in their study. The alarming habit of cramming is prevailing in our society, and the habit of learning and understanding is decreasing. So, this is the main cause of eradicating the understanding and learning ability among the students. I think 98% of the position holders are crammers. In this way the real talent is being oppressed. The habit of cramming develops among the students during the school time. And throughout their life they follow the same pattern.

The first step to be the best learner is to improve the reading skill. As the Francis Bacon said, ‘Reading maketh a full man’. Thinking power should be developed during the school time. If the teachers will have been given the training to understand the psychology of the students mind, they will automatically have the good results from the students. The teachers should give to students the opportunity to write the free hand, to ask free hand they would learn more in that way. It will be verily effective, if the given topic is being discussed by the students. First, they can even write by themselves. In this way, the concept of cramming will be reduced slowly.

I would say, the teacher is the only person who build the nation, a doctor, a teacher and an engineer etc. the only source to eradicate this issue is a teacher. I would request to the government of Punjab to constitute a team consist of PhD scholars, so that they must visit the schools and make the teachers aware about this issue. And we would have a prosper Pakistan having a save future of the students, progressing by leaps and bounds.


Vehari, April 25.