ISLAMABAD  -   It was like a lull after the storm on Friday in the National Assembly, thanks to the deputy speaker who did not entertain lawmakers for ‘points of order’.

The chair immediately adjourned the house after taking only three agenda items following the question-hour, apparently to avoid the verbal brawls between government and opposition members as were seen during the past four fiery days.

Senior PML-N leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif and some other senior lawmakers from both sides of the aisle though kept making attempts to take the floor to speak on points of order.

The 9th National Assembly session during Monday to Thursday saw rumpus, and series of verbal brawls as well as personal attacks between the members of treasury and opposition on different matters.

During Friday’s proceedings, former minister Khwaja Asif was seen quite eager to represent his party on every matter by frequently raising his hand but he could not manage to get the floor.

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad, responding to a call attention notice, said that some of the Pakistanis languishing in Saudi jails have already been released while others involved in petty crimes would be freed in mid February.

The opposition lawmakers criticised the government over non-release of funds for establishment of the neurosciences institute at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr Nousheen Hamid said that the institute would be established but the first priority of government was provision of basic health facilities to the people.

She said the huge project of neurosciences institute had been stopped due to shortage of funds as there was no money to run it even if it is established. She said there was no point in making a building when they could not provide the human resource.

Nousheen said that neuro surgery department in PIMS was functioning where surgery cases were being handled on regular basis.

She did not hesitate to taunt PML-N government for not providing adequate health facilities in its era. “Despite ruling for many years in Punjab, former prime minister of your party is not ready to get treatment from any Punjab hospital,” she told the questioner.