Freedom Day

 April 27, 1994, is an important event in South African history in particular. It was the day when South African held its first nonracial democratic election. The highlight of the day was the election of Nelson Mandela as the President of the country.

A time when South Africa was under the White Control, people of color could not participate in national politics during the apartheid regime. April 27, also known as Freedom Day is a way to commemorate liberation from the white minority. The national pledge followed by the events of April 27 was to reassure that never would a minority undergo the same ordeal such as that of the apartheid.

South Africa paved its way towards economic and political diversification, it was under Mandela`s leadership that South Africa was able to come up with a non-racial constitution. It was a long and unfettered defiance campaign lead by men, women, and children from all occupations aspiring for a non-race democracy.

Upon Mandela`s election as the President, the struggle came to an end. Again, there was poverty, economic mobilization, mass unemployment, etc. For what it`s South Africa was back on its toes for the first time in centuries. A sense of sacred freedom prevailed on April 27.