God has blessed Pakistan with its regional beauty and industry. Sindh’s regional industry is one of them. There are various districts in Sindh, each with its own specialty locally and internationally. Pakistan and the world because of their some spectacular products. These products are not only meeting to the requirements of the people of the country but are earning a huge foreign exchange in the form of exports. Following a few examples will testify such fact.

The Mirpurkhas district has the infamous sweet and quality mango production. Many exporters remain interested in the purchase of these mangoes. Likewise, there is a huge production of dates in the Khairpur district of the province. This production, too, over the years, has remained to be an exportable item.

Pickle industry of Shikarpur has acquired great importance over the years whereby every Pakistani wants to purchase and taste Shikarpuri pickle. The Hala Taluka of Matiari district features magnificent handicrafts and the preparation of Ajrak and Sindhi cap.

Who doesn’t know about the production of beautiful bangles in Hyderabad? All the females of Pakistan like these bangles. The districts of Larkana and Neushehro Feroze are famous for the large-scale production of guava and banana, respectively. Kunri Taluka of Umerkot District is the red chili capital of Asia. It is so because in the whole Asian Continent, it is this Kunri town, which produces highest red chilies.

Ghotki district, Sindh province, over the years, has remained famous for the production of delicious sweet material named “paira” (pointed round shape sweet material prepared with pure milk and other items). Any outsider from the district does purchase these pairas for his/her family members and friends whenever he/she happens to visit the district.

The need of the hour, therefore, is to further encourage and promote such local products so that the local people are able to improve their economic condition, accordingly.


Karachi. April 5.