ISLAMABAD   -    It is high time Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who is also the Patron of Pakistan Cricket Board to come up with clear directions to the PCB regarding few certain elements, who had just one aim and that is to destroy Pakistan cricket and spoil all the good work done by young MD Waseem Khan, in very short span of time.

Proven flops people sitting in the PCB for decades are using every trick in their pockets to not to let Chairman Ehsan Mani introduce positive changes in the board. The drama created by few Board of Governor members during the 53rd PCB meeting in Quetta has been badly exposed and majority of decedents had sought apology from PCB chairman and accepted their mistake. But some are still creating troubles including Nauman Butt, Shah Dost and Kabeer Khan.

One thing is crystal clear people sitting in the PCB don’t want to allow Waseem to work for the betterment of cricket. The young man came from UK just with one ambition and that is to streamline things and put Pakistan cricket on right track. His critics, who don’t know the ABC of cricket and without realising the ground realities, have started to turn their guns at Waseem’s direction. Some are questioning his salary without mentioning that Waseem was earning much more than PCB has offered him. He had accepted the MD slot not for personal glory or seeking media attraction but with just one goal and that is to help the PCB and bring revolutionary changes in Pakistan domestic cricket. Super flops like Haroon Rasheed, Ali Zia, Zakir Khan, Subhan Ahmed, Shafiq Papa and number of others, who are part and parcel of PCB for decades, all of a sudden started to feel themselves in huge danger as Waseem has made it very aclear that only those, who want to work and want to deliver, will remain in the board while rest have to make way.

It is not a strange demand from the PCB MD as board is neither an old home nor a charity organisation. No one wants to contribute but ready to seek all the benefits. In the past only PCB Chairman was changed and rest of the big guns remained the same. That is the biggest and main obstacle in smooth functioning of affairs in the PCB as the bureaucracy sitting in the PCB since long doesn’t allow any chairman to work freely and create unwanted hurdles for him. But now a highly qualified person had luckily took the task of bringing changes and work for the betterment of cricket, for players and also for the local coaches. The local coaches have been being overlooked since long as Ali Zia is more interested in tours and getting TADAs rather than introducing changes and providing fresh talent to the national team. Same is the case with Haroon and Zakir Khan. For how long and for what results and achievements, these people are enjoying unlimited benefits from the board.

The PM had clearly given directives to PCB chairman Ehsan Mani that no blackmailing should be tolerated. Why Waseem I beings dragged into the entire saga? It is very simple that the people, who are feeling vulnerable due to the arrival of Waseem, are the facilitators of the BoG members who had staged drama in Quetta. It is neither about regions nor about domestic cricket or players. It is for cheap publicity and to get time on different channels to get undue publicity.

The PCB must act in the best possible manner against all those who want to create fuss in smooth functioning of its affairs. If these three BoG members realise their mistake and are ready to work for the sake of cricket and for youngsters of their respective regions, then they must come up with clear mind and let Waseem introduce changes. If he fails to deliver or take steps, which are against the interest of cricket and youngsters, then everybody will support Nauman Butt and those who took stand. But stands must be taken for principles, not on the orders of some hidden hands.

If the elements involved in the entire saga are thinking that Standing Committee on IPC had taken notice and it might provide them relief then they are absolutely wrong. It is PCB’s right to introduce changes win consent of its Patron and Chairman.

The PCB needs to submit report of audit to International Cricket Council (ICC) to get their whopping $5.5 million owed by the ICC get cleared. It is high time, the PCB must work swiftly and ensure audit report get BoG clearance and trouble-makers, whether in the shape of BoG members or its own employees must get matching response so no one could dare to think same again to derail the system.