Sri Lankan security forces raided a safe house of Daesh affiliated militants in the east of the country and killed at least four men in an exchange of fire, AFP reports citing the military and the police.

Gunmen opened fire on troops when they attempted to storm the house in the town of Kalmunai, located some 230 miles east of Colombo, military spokesman Sumith Atapattu said.

Atapattu said that 15 bodies, including 6 children, were found in the terrorist safehouse where the battle took place, according to AP.

According to AFP report, these people were killed when the terrorists, cornered by the troops, blew themselves up. Three men reportedly set off explosives, killing themselves, three women and six children, AFP reported citing the police.

Earlier it was reported that three civilians were wounded in the gunbattle that saw at least three explosions, according to AP citing Major General Aruna Jayasekara, the local military commander. 

"Three other men, also believed to be suicide bombers, were found dead outside the house," police said in a statement.

The military said security forces have also recovered explosives, detonators, "suicide kits," military uniforms and Daesh group flags during the raids.

"We have found the backdrop the group used to record their video," the police said in an earlier statement on Friday night, according to AFP.

There were no casualties among the troops, the statement says.

Earlier reports indicated, two — later four — terrorists were killed in the raid.

Local media reported at the time, citing police, that the suspects blew themselves up at the begining of a major gunfight when security personnel, including the military, attempted to raid a location believed to have been used for the manufacture of suicide vests.

On 21 April, numerous bombings rattled Sri Lanka , leaving more than 250 people dead across the country. The government linked the attakcs to supposedly Daesh-linked localc terror group National Thowheeth Jama'ath. At least two terrorists were believed to be on the loose after the attacks. Earlier this week, US Embassy in Colombo issued an alert warning of more possible upcoming attacks this weekend, urging citizens to stay away from places of worship and large crowds.