It is an end of an era as former Pakistan cricket team captain Sana Mir announces retirement from international cricket. She must be acknowledged for her immense contribution towards not just women’s cricket in Pakistan, but also for being a great ambassador for women in sports in general. Through her dedication and consistent presence during the highs and lows that always accompany competitive sports, Ms Mir managed to inspire girls across the country to pursue a career in sports. When it comes to Pakistani women playing cricket or any other sport for that matter, they are not given equal access to support, funds or resources necessary to reach their true potential. Pakistan is no exception when it comes to lack of women in sports. It is a global phenomenon; just more severe here at home. When such is the situation, it requires a serious level of commitment and passion to pursue a difficult path rife with uncertainty and disappointments. Pakistan is fortunate that Ms Mir persevered to set an excellent example for other dreamers to follow.

It is due to the determination of such personalities that we have witnessed small but encouraging change in the country’s sporting culture. That being said, there is a lot that needs to be done and it is important to continue the conversation on this matter. Serious deliberation and focus may enable us to understand why women in the country are not participating at higher levels in sports, and what the government can do to improve the situation. Some of the main issues pertaining to the advancement of women in sports are those of accessibility and mobility. Other than the government, the private sector too can certainly help overcome social hurdles. Women should be brought in managerial positions to tackle problems because they are better positioned to appreciate and address relevant issues. It is hoped that Ms Mir will find just as much success in her future endeavours.