RAHIM YAR KHAN            -          Sometimes the course of nature leaves us speechless. It is indeed hard to imagine, let alone empathise, the misery facing a family, where five blind children were born to a blind person’s sighted wife while his blind sister gave birth to two blind children. As if this was not enough, the blind woman’s sighted husband  and the blind man’s sighted wife died, leaving nine blind people in a house.  According to the details, Muhammad Younis, a resident of Sadiqabad’s Ittefaq Town and his sister Naziran Bibi, who were both blind by birth, got normal sighted life partners but unfortunately all five of Muhammad Younis’s children Muhammad Zafar Umar 13, Iman Umar 10, Maliha Umar 7, Hadia Umar 5, Areeba Umar, who is one year old and her sister Naziran Bibi’s children Noor Fatima 5, and Hadia Omar are two years old were born blind. Surprisingly, Muhammad Yunus’s wife and Naziran Bibi’s husband, who were both normal died suddenly leaving Muhammad Yunus to look after his five children and his sister and her two children. Now, it is the responsibility of Younis. The locals have appealed to the wealthy people to provide full support to the blind family so that they can make a living easily.  It is learned that the affected family has resorted to various measures to restore the sight of the children.  Doctors have been contacted but the doctors have declared the disease incurable.