ISLAMABAD       -            Dispelling the impression of rift between civil and military relationship, Minister of Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said that there was no difference of opinion among the top leadership.

Expressing these views in an interview with a private TV channel programme, the Minister said that there was no difference of opinion while handling the issues of national interest.

Voicing concern over the attitude of PPP leaders playing political gimmicks with nation on coronavirus situation, he said that the people had confined the leadership of PPP to the areas of interior Sindh.

He said that country was facing number of challenges including economic, poverty, and unemployment, adding, that there was dire need to address these matters with collective efforts and political wisdom.

The Minister said that Imran Khan representing the PTI, was the only leader in Pakistan, who holds unbelievable potential to take the country forward in every field.

To a question, he said narrative built by the Opposition parties in the current situation, could not longer be effective.

He said that the people are well aware of role of PM Imran Khan who striving hard to improve the lives of the poor masses. 

He was of the view that Opposition parties were facing agony now a days because they could not find a wise leader for running the affairs of their constituencies in a proper manner.

Commenting on coronavirus issue, he said despite the extra ordinary economic resources, the Western countries could not combat the dangerous virus that had taken thousands of precious lives around  the world.

He lauded the incumbent government for taking unprecedented measures in time when first patient of corona virus detected in Pakistan. Look at the Americans, Spanish, Italian and England, having all modern equipment and financial resources could not control the vulnerability level in their respective jurisdictions, he stated.

Pakistani leadership, he said having meager financial reserves, had successfully managed to overcome rising patients in all parts of the country.

In reply to a question, he said all the national level issues could be handled with collective participation of stakeholders.

Giving example of the Army Public School incident, Fawad ch said all the political parties had unanimously passed the resolution on implementing national action plan. He added that PM had also taken the bold decision for constituting a committee for resolving the issue of rigging in the election.

He said that similar national action plan was need of the hour to tackling the issue of coronavirus  and lockdown in the country.

He, ,however, said that a complete lockdown was not a feasible option for poor nations.

He suggested that observing standard operating procedures and precautionary measures for protecting the people from deadly virus would help resolve the problem.