KARACHI       -              Sindh Minister for Industries & Commerce and Cooperative Department & Anti-Corruption Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has demanded the federal government to immediately announce a relief package for industries and traders affected by the lockdown so that these people can breathe a sigh of relief.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Jam Ikramullah Dharijo said it was the first federal cabinet in Pakistan’s history to have more unelected members than elected members in its ranks. The federal government’s cabinet included as many as 25 unelected persons, which was surprising, he stated.

He further said that the statement of the ‘selected’ Prime Minister to limit his cabinet members from 18 to 20 was proving to be a bundle of lies today and these cabinet members were white elephants for the economy.

The provincial minister said that all the claims of the government to bring about a change turned out to be completely false. He said that it seemed that the army of ministers, ministers of state, special assistants, and advisers had only been tasked with criticizing the Sindh government exclusively and they had nothing else to do. He said that the whole nation was facing dire consequences of the change and the people were now realizing that they were lied to before the elections.

The minister said that due to the effects of Coronavirus, on the one hand, revenue was declining and on the other hand, the burden of the vast cabinet had been placed on the national economy. Instead of criticizing the Sindh government, the Karachi team of the selected Prime Minister should implement the Karachi Package and other announcements that they had made about the development of Karachi, he demanded.

Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that the Sindh government had taken industrialists and traders on board and we all were on the same page. He said that the false allegations of extortion from industrialists and traders had been rebutted by the industrialists and traders themselves and the negative propagandists had miserably failed. He said that the federal government did not give any relief to the industrialists while industries and traders had been affected due to severe lockdown. The federal government should announce a package for them, he added.

The provincial minister said, “Sindh is at the forefront in the struggle against coronavirus. Other provinces, including the federal government, have also copied Sindh’s efforts in the coronavirus war as the Sindh government is providing relief to the people under a comprehensive strategy and is also taking effective measures to prevent them from coronavirus.”