ISLAMABAD-Islamabad capital city administration has sprung into action against profiteering after complaints of price hike of essential commodities.

According to the officials, around 344 shops were inspected and those involved in profiteering were imposed a fine of Rs447,000 collectively on Sunday.

They said Magistrate (LohiBher) inspected PWD market for price of meat and vegetables. The officials said that eight shops were imposed fine over violation of price rates.

Similarly, Assistant Commissioner (City) inspected sector G-6 and G-7 markets for price of meat and vegetables. Two shopkeepers were arrested for overcharging while fine amounting to Rs 51,000 was imposed on the violators.

Assistant Commissioner (Rural) carried out price checking in Rawat and Sihala Bazaar. He inspected 40 shops and imposed a fine of Rs 24,000 collectively on the violators. Two shops were also sealed while two persons were arrested for the violation.

Assistant Commissioner Shalimar carried out price checking in sector G-10 and G-11. Shopkeepers who were not following notified price list were fined Rs 30,000 collectively. The officer inspected over 40 shops and found 20 violating the notified price list. They were also directed to follow SOPs regarding social distancing.

Assistant Commissioner (Secretariat) checked price of essential commodities at Lethrar Road. He inspected 47 shops and found 22 in violation of the price list. The violators were imposed a fine of Rs 102,000 collectively. Two shops were also sealed while five persons were arrested for profiteering.

Assistant Commissioner (Industrial Area) conducted price checking of essential commodities in sector I-8 and G-9. Those outlets not complying with the price list and not following SOP issued in the wake of COVID-19 were penalised with fine. A fine of Rs 150,000 was imposed on the violators collectively, according to the officials.