Karachi                   -                  PTI MPA and President Karachi Khurram Sher Zaman said that there was depiction of dual standards in the actions of Sindh Government and the Chief Minister. The attitude of the government for Karachi was outrageous and they had completely overlooked Karachi and its businesses. Shops were being sealed and threatening messages were being sent to the traders community.

He was addressing a news conference at Insaf House. He requested the Prime Minister to take notice of the situation in Karachi, while mentioning that Karachi was the highest taxpaying city of the country.

“We are not here just to criticize, but to help. I am karachi’s son and it’s my duty to raise issues of my people,” added Khurram.

He advised the CM to select one Union Council, make it a model UC by opening business with SOPs and see the results in one week as many countries had opened routine business with SOPs. PTI would ensure complete support to the government for that UC.

“3-4 people sitting with the Sindh CM are not competent, CM needs to take onboard competent people, there is no sense of awareness of online trade among the traders, if shutters are closed, it would create a havoc in this current weather. Majority of people don’t know the use of smart phones and can’t follow the SOPs,” he added.

He demanded to call All parties conference to resolve these issues in Karachi since Sindh government had no mandate in Karachi, they were imposing their illogical decisions over Karachites.

“The provincial administration is busy in looting but no actions are being taken. Masks are short in the province; people are being provided 13 years old ration. Senior leadership of the PPP is nowhere to be found, people are starving to death while Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Zardari are disappeared,” he explained.

He asked the Jiyalas and PPP workers to question their leaders for the ration distribution mechanism as what would be the process of ration distribution during Ramzan.


PTI Karachi General Secretary Dr. Saeed Afridi said that PPP leadership was disappeared and PTI was playing its part as opposition. He also requested the Prime Minister to take notice of the misery of Karachites.


“Sindh government and PPP leadership have gone into Quarantine while Ministers are conducting photo sessions, nobody knows how the ration was distributed and to whom,” Dr. Afridi added.