Instagram is an application that everyone is using today and you are familiar with everything about the application also. But what we don’t know is how we can get affected psychologically, socially and physically through this application.

Let’s focus on the glamorization that Instagram has created among us. We see many of our favorite celebrities and influencers posting pictures in luxury items and how much perfect their life is and how everyone is traveling the world and you are sitting at home just scrolling. How much perfect everybody else’s physical, mental health, and social life is it starts to create frustration among us which in turn causes us to feel jealous.

This jealousy that you feel is because of Instagram’s glammed life. Instagram has created this trend of hashtags (#) and glamorisation’s that is effecting everyone around us and not in a good way. People have started to take extreme measures in order to achieve that Instagram glammed life “JUST FOR A PICTURE” to make ourselves feel like we matter. This is what our society has come to we are defined by hashtags and Glamorization is seen as a success.

If we really want to feel like we matter and want to do something successfully and achieve something than work hard and try to make a change instead of running after hashtags and glamorization which is just a trend for a picture nothing else. In this time of Quarantine, we are spending so much time on social media apps this nonsense should stop.