The activities, plans and strategies of big powers follow the concept or ultimate aim which they achieve through conspiracies or war. After the defeat and break-up of the Soviet Union, Mr Nixon's vision of the next enemy (Islamism though not Islamists) was followed by idea-men: clash of Civilisation and Wars of Ideologies. Pakistan already a divided house was graded as a very lucrative target. The Think-Tanks visualised the future of the world in small states hence fragmentation of Pakistan. Pakistan on the chess-board: 1.    Defence pacts against Red-Giants showed Pakistan in the frontline against them hence Russia's open hostility: it declared Kashmir as part of India (1957). 2.    Pakistan was made dependent on USA (through aid programmes): psychological as well as physical hence a brake on advance to Akhnoor (1965 war). Kashmir was treated both by US and USSR at Tashkent: a coordination of the Superpowers 3.    In consequence of building a bridge between US with China, Pakistan that was already softened (Agartala conspiracy), it was cut to size by a coordinated plan of the US and USSR. Pakistan's personality and image was reduced in the world particularly in South Asia and West Asia. 4.    Afghanistan was attacked just within 45 days after 9/11: naturally a pre-planned adventure. Pakistan was required to perform as an anvil for US war against Afghanistan. The Pakistani officials (General Mehmood and Ambassador Maliha Lodhi then in Washington) were given the message: "Be prepared to be bombed to Stone Age," said Armitage. It was followed by Colin-Powell's call at midnight to spell out US operational requirements. The general, a visionary in his own image, without consulting the parliament, promptly accepted to participate in the US war against Afghanistan. This could be the result of an understanding already developed 'quietly' before the message was officially sounded. The result of participating in the US war, resulted in Pakistan being subjected to a aerial surveillance, raids and bombardment by American and NATO forces: Pakistan's declared policy of retaining the right to deal with militants inside its boundary was trounced repeatedly by Pentagon. Pentagon and CIA are openly declaring their right to attack areas marked as "safe havens" of Al-Qaeda and Taliban. This area is likely to be extended to K-2 where "OBL may be living." Pakistan's sovereignty is no more relevant. US is now showing the line of its interests and ultimate aim. Pakistan has at stake KKH, Islamic Ideology, Nuclear Assets and its position against India which has been raised as a world power. The coordination centre headed by CIA in Siraj (Afghanistan) is directing Indian and Afghan insurgency operations against Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, Waziristan, and FATA. General Musharraf and his adventures: 1.    India wilfully violated IWT by constructing numerous powerhouses and dams on the Western Rivers which were protected by IWT "for exclusive use of Pakistan." Musharraf made no issue out of these alarming developments. The fate of Pakistan and Kashmir is being sealed with Musharraf's non-action. 2.    After the coup (1999) an act of high treason punishable by death, Musharraf remained in the service of USA: he complied with American policies. 3.    He transformed the pattern and direction of the life of the people of Pakistan. He imposed measures to weaken the influence of Islam on the life of the people in Pakistan. 4.    Education was corrupted through changes in syllabi: anything offensive like Jihad and demands of ethics and conscience were replaced by secular concepts. 5.    Through media the cultural life was transformed: now the modesty in lifestyle has been replaced by freedom of association of sexes: in public and private. Western culture is spreading in schools and colleges. Our family life has been fully transformed and moral values have taken a backseat. The cultural erosion causes loss of character and values of a nation, it has happened to us. The repair work may be done but damage is already done. 6.    The Musharraf era abounds in advocating and practising secular concept of life as opposed to religious orientation: we need not defend the blind-alleys caused by widespread sectarianism due to scanty understanding of Islam by half-baked religious teachers. 7.    Towards destabilising the systems in Pakistan, the most crucial and damaging act of treachery was the dismissal of the Supreme Court judges (sixty of them) without any blame or charge sheet. These honourable judges were replaced by those who took oath under Musharraf's PCO: they did not enjoy the prestige and confidence attached to the Supreme Court. The judicial systems - the base of insaf - was wrecked and disgraced at will. The prestige of the judiciary in Pakistan can never be restored; this action completed the destructive campaign undertaken to break Pakistan from the grassroot. This unfortunate country was tied in legal knots and interpretations only to firm up a fraudulent system. This good nation did not know how to get out of the fix arranged by an immoral leader supported by immoral masters of the law. 8.    To rub off the germs and image of religious institutions and traditional modesty, Lal-Masjid and the women's hostel were attacked, bombing of cordoned students of various ages is really pathetic. Over 500 remains of girls and boys were disposed off in dirty drains or given mass burial without traces: the legal proceeding barred. The traditional life of Islam was targeted for effect by destroying the nursery of fundamentalists. 9.    Another meanest act widely known is the trading of innocent (missing) Pakistanis, against a price in dollars. Many doctors, social workers, scientists and prominent citizens were picked up from their homes without any proof of involvement in any anti-state activities. An enemy of Pakistan could only do such a heartless job of handing over citizens to the US. The phenomenon of hundreds of Missing Persons is too gruesome a grip of the foreign power. 10.    Dr Aafia's tragedy recently reported - five years of mental and physical torture and the suffering of her children and family is heart-rending. It is a case of a slave trade or proof of loyalty to the arrogant yanks who could pick up targets to break the will of people, to establish Monstrosity of America. 11.    Having overtaken the authority of the chief executive, General Musharraf violated the norms of democracy; he put Pakistan in a horrible state of terror and personal rule. 12.    The security of life and properly in the country is out of focus and the fiscal instability writ large and there is no realisation of the bad state in which common people are surviving. 13.    General Musharraf violating Article 6 of the constitution took over the authority of the state - an act of high treason punishable by death. Kashmir, it has two aspects: "    Launching of Kargil operation was a disaster in executing a very sensitive military operation in the disputed area of Kashmir. It led to America imposing Indian demands on Pakistan - declaring Kashmiris as "terrorists" and the resistance movement for right of self-determination shelved. America stood with India since then. "    He initiated dialogues on Kashmir with India following American plans of "Seven Regions" and "Five Entities": proposing merger of two (AK&NA) Entities with three Indian Entities of held Kashmir (Jammu, Valley and Ladakh) given "self-rule" under Joint Control of India and Pakistan: some kind of confederation was to be in the cooking? Who authorised him to ignore UN Resolutions and the right of self-determination of Kashmiris? "    Indian has been violating IWT - its minister declared in a formal IWT Council at Delhi (June 14, 2002): "If we abrogate IWT, Pakistan will be in a state of draught and Pakistanis will cry for drops of water." The construction was done on the Western Rivers ("for exclusive use of Pakistan" - IWT). The most serious threat to our existence developing every year was ignored by Musharraf and he slept over the most serious threat to Pakistan. India has objected to Kishanganga-Jhelum Project at Muzaffarabad and accelerated the work on its own project on that river. Conclusion: The ultimate position of settlement between the leaders of coalition with Musharraf; approved by America, is full of lurking threats. American influence in Pakistan was settled in grooves. From all above it is clear that Pakistan was subjected to a masterly plan to destabilise and disorientate its ideological base and over turn the orientation of social and moral life. Grabbing of national wealth by men in high offices became a recognised game. The officials at all tiers are given to intensive greed. The breakdown of stability through lack of justice and social evils are visible symptoms of widespread disturbances, crime and decay of the society. Musharraf implemented the programme of Neo-Cons and Zionists to disgrace the claims of an Islamic country. He was guilty of seeking peace with India at any price, ignoring the history. Knowing the mindset, aims and methodology of USA which has reserved its right to treat the future as the "American Century", it is clear that after degrading the Soviet Union, America had stepped up the strategy to rule the world in the American way: arrogance exercised through military power supported by its immense resources. Pakistan did not have the vision to keep its own interests safe hence forced and costly involvement in Afghan war. The general throughout his tenure performed to satisfy requirements of the American plan. His policy had hurt Pakistan's interests and security very seriously. It is outside the authority of the state to condone an act of high treason and disloyalty to the country in performance on the part of a person under oath to perform his duty at the peril of his life. Musharraf acted like a fool all the way - the passive nation did not know how to dislocate him. At the time of announcing his resignation declared that he had served the nation sincerely. He had done no wrong. However, the book written by Musharraf titled In Line of Fire proved predictive - he is himself in line of fire: the illusion of a commando with a misplaced bravado. The writer was a retired brigadier who passed away on Monday. We are publishing his latest article posthumously.