In the new spate of terrorism, in a heinous act of barbarism at Wah, more than 100 Pakistani Muslims have been killed and hundreds of other wounded, some of them seriously with the loss of limbs rendering them permanently disabled for the rest of life. This was the latest in a long series of bomb blasts, suicidal attacks indiscriminately killing Pakistani Muslims in a senseless war; God knows, against whom? The so-called Pakistani Taliban claims to wage a war against the enemies of Islam, but, there is ample evidence that this war is only being fought against Muslims - Pakistani Muslims. The innocent victims, including men, women and children of every age are all Muslims and Pakistanis. Ironically, these victims in most of the cases are poorest of the poor. They hardly make both ends meet. These innocent victims had left their homes, hearths and families in the morning to earn bread and butter for their dependents.  Most of them belonged to the lower section of society. They went to their work place, never to return. They were employees of the Ordnance Factory Wah - a place where small arms ammunitions are produced to defend Pakistan - the homeland of more than 162 million Muslims and only nuclear power among 58 Muslim countries. Then, whose war these Pakistani Taliban are fighting? Why they want to destabilize this country? Whose interest it would serve? If they are against anti-Muslim forces, why are they killing the Muslims? They are continuously killing their brethren in Swat, Bajaur, South and North Waziristan, Peshawar, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta. Now the question arises, whose war they are fighting? What are their aims and objectives? Why they have intensified this war against Pakistan particularly at this point of time? The question of terrorism is now, no more a philosophical or moral issue. It is a war against innocent people on our homeland. Till date hundreds of schools have been razed to the ground by these people. Why they want to push the people of Pakistan back into the stone Age? Why they are against knowledge, learning and education, in spite of their claim to be the champions of the religion whose very first revelation is "Iqra" (Read)?  Which religion or creed of the world teach "the killings of innocent people". Pakistan is passing through a very critical time of its history. After a long spell of dictatorial regime, the main political parties and other groups are striving hard to put the country on track and in this process, they have carried out marathon rounds of negotiations and slowly but surely are finding out long term solutions for the very ticklish political and economic problems of the country. Their achievements are not minor. They have got rid of a dictator who was bent upon sticking to power at any and every cost. The beauty of situation is that every problem was solved in a smooth and peaceful way. The new coalition government, contrary to the desires of all western powers made many treaties and agreements even with the troublemakers and those who were fighting against the writ of the state to resolve issues. The Government tried to find out homegrown solutions to all the problems without accepting any dictation from the outside world in the hope that these disgruntled elements would see the light of reason. Every one was expecting that in the post -Musharraf era, these forces of violence will die down and a new dawn of peace would emerge. Unfortunately these hopes and expectations did not see the light of the day. It is quite clear from deadly acts of terrorism since March this year when the newly elected coalition government was in place that the agenda of these forces, fully aided by foreign elements and enemies of Pakistan, is to destabilize the country and stop the process of socio economic development. In the wake of this new situation, it is duty of every Pakistani to tighten his belt against these anti-Pakistan, anti Islam and anti-human forces. We have to show extra vigilance at individual and national level. All political forces must join hands to evolve a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism in the country. We have to take measures against this menace on war footing. The government should sensitize the citizenry regarding the motives, strategies and machinations of these enemies of humanity.  People should be guided by the media and security agencies towards workable measures at every level i.e. in homes, bazaars, public places and offices. We must prepare ourselves for a long drawn-out war against the terrorists who are no more evasive and elusive.