KARACHI - The eradication programme of crows from the Safari Park has been delayed further, as city district government has not appoint air gun shooter so far, it was learnt. Sources in the park administration said that the city district government has failed to resolve the much-awaited issue of the crows who have made life hell for the animals in Safari Park and Karachi Zoological Garden for the past several years. However, now this issue has become more serious as various precious animals are being planned to be brought here, but surprisingly, the authorities concerned did not take any final decision to resolve the issue by appointing air gun shooter in Zoo and Safari Park. They said that flock of crows always keep hovering at Safari Park, causing survival threats to the animals placed in the open cages such as Deer, Zebra, Bucks, Ostriches, Camels and other animals. According to the eyewitnesses, these crows always sit on the backs of the animals, injuring them badly by biting the flesh, causing infectious wounds and holes on their backs. The animals remained helpless in moving them away from their body. Due to the shortage of staffers and other resources, the Safari administration failed to control this problem and to save the precious animals from the crows, which had made life hell for the caged animals. Safari Park and Karachi Zoo come under the administrative control of Community Development Department (CDD) of CDGK. Informed sources in the CDD said that hundreds of crows always gathered there and made life difficult for all those animals living in open cages, while many of these animals have received serious ailments due to crow biting. Its surprising that these crows made about three inches holes in the backs of Ostriches through biting, as they are settled in the open cadges. Due to many such incidents, Ostriches have been shifted to the closed cadges, but still now the management has failed to protect these species as crows also could managed to enter the netted cages. Sources in the CDD said that poison mixed meat or any food items could be offered to crows to get rid of them, while the services of Air Gun shooters would also be hired to eradicate them from the jurisdiction of Safari Park and 33 acres Karachi Zoological Garden popularly known as Gandhi Garden. But so far, no such step has been taken for the safety of the caged animals. If anyone from the general public visits Safari Park, then they can easily see the domination of crows on the helpless animals living in the open cadges where they are bitten hardly by the crows. This practice was going since long and no one knows that how many animals suffered due to crows attacks. It may be noted that when Shariq Ilyas was appointed as DO Safari Park last year, he took action to eradicate the crows and stray dogs. But soon after his transfer, the crows and stray dogs eradication campaign was left unfinished. Informed sources said that stray dogs also created problems for the animals, especially for new born animals. It is noteworthy to mention here that four new baby elephants had been brought in the Safari Park, however, they have been put up in the special cadges and their trainers remain around them for protection. But the risk is always there as these precious baby elephant babies can be their victim also.