BOSTON, Aug 26 (Reuters Life) - Senator Edward Kennedys death marks the twilight of one of Americas most fabled political families, with no heirs to the Kennedy name poised to emerge with the same mix of gravitas, ambition and celebrity. There seems to be no one there to pick up the torch, said Thomas Whalen, a professor of politics at Boston University. There doesnt seem to be someone in the next generation to carry the load here. Ted Kennedy might be it, he might be the end of the line, said Whalen, author of Kennedy versus Lodge: The 1952 Massachusetts Senate Race about his brother Johns first race for the Senate. Kennedys cancer diagnosis and then his death have stirred speculation over who might succeed the third-longest serving US senator, and whether a new generation could emerge from under his shadow. Many younger Kennedys are active in civic life but none on the scale of Ted Kennedy, last of four Kennedy brothers, including John, elected president in 1960 and assassinated in 1963; and Robert, a New York senator whose presidential bid ended with his assassination in 1968.The eldest brother, Joseph Jr, was killed in World War Two. Other Kennedys could also keep the legacy alive, although none project the stature of the white-haired Lion of the Senate, widely regarded as one of Washingtons most effective dealmakers and communicators with his speeches full of stirring Kennedy imagery, and a rumbling baritone voice. Other Kennedy torch-bearers include Ted Kennedys son, 42-year-old Representative Patrick Kennedy, a Democratic congressman from neighbouring Rhode Island. He would need to move to Massachusetts if he were to run for his fathers seat.