On a suo moto notice by our new Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Punjab authorities have submitted that the New Murree City project has been shelved. This New Murree City project was for the elite of the country. Many rich people had invested in it which is why we continuously heard voices about the money blocked in this project. However, there is another New Murree City that belonged to the poor hotel waiters, labourers, clerks and widows which nobody has taken any note of. When about 10 years back, the Punjab Ombudsman was approached by the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi to submit that both the housing scheme and the project owner were frauds, the Ombudsman mysteriously chose to close the case file despite being in receipt of this report. He did not give any instructions to the DC to proceed against the fraudulent project or its patrons or arrange refund for the victims. The DC too felt no need to proceed any further. Successive Prime Ministers of the next ten-year period (three in number) were approached but never gave any response because the victims were poor. NAB also did not pay heed to their cause. Now the victims wait for the response of the new Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Perhaps he would give them justice. -MIR AKBAR, Bahrain, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, via e-mail, August 21.