LONDON - Pakistan and the United Kingdom on Wednesday agreed to facilitate thousands of Pakistanis detained or living illegally, by issuing them emergency travel documents to enable them return home. The decision came at a meeting between Interior Minister Rehman Malik and his British counterpart Home Secretary Allan Johnson, prior to the start of President Asif Ali Zardaris visit, who will be seeking greater wide-ranging cooperation between the two countries in all spheres. Talking to media following his meeting, Malik said thousands of Pakistanis would benefit from decision. Those people who do not have a valid reason to stay in the United Kingdom need to return, Allan Johnson said while pointing to the illegal asylum seekers that have been detained in British jails. He said the two countries were close friends and allies and would continue to have wide ranging interaction for the benefit of their people. Rehman Malik said the Pakistani High Commission will issue the people free of cost emergency passports and the United Kingdom will facilitate them in all respects so that they can return home. Let me be very clear and inform the Pakistanis that they must not think that they can get a permanent status if they stay here illegally for ten years or more, he added. He said in the meeting with Allan Johnson, the two discussed matters related to counter terrorism, security and other related areas. Malik termed the agreement on a roadmap for return of the illegal immigrants as an important achievement and said it would lessen the suffering of the detainees and their families, as directed by the President and the Prime Minister. He said the President during his visit would also seek support of the British government towards the forthcoming meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan in New York on September 23. He said the world now knows that Pakistan is in fact a victim of terror and needs the sympathy and support of the world to counter it effectively. About Baitullah Mehsuds death and the claims by the Tehreek e Taliban, Rehman Malik said if he was alive than they should prove by showing his video or voice. He said the TTP was a victim of infighting amongst its ranks and anyone taking over the leadership, would suffer a similar fate. Anybody who challenges the writ of the government will face a similar fate, as that of Baitullah. He also dispelled the impression that the intelligence agencies were involved in wire-tapping or had any political role and added, Our government believes in a policy of consensus and reconciliation.