India on Wednesday said its stand on Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeeds involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks had been vindicated with Interpol issuing a Red Corner Notice against him. Interpol has issued a Red Corner Notice for Saeeds involvement. It is a vindication of the stand the government of India has taken, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna told journalists. The perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks will have to be brought to justice. We have painstakingly collected evidence to convey the involvement of these persons. Asked about the import of Interpol notice, Mr. Krishna said, I think the world should take note of these developments and then they will have to come to their own conclusions. India can only do this much and nothing beyond that. We have done whatever we can and will continue to impress on curbing of terror. On reports that Pakistan maintained that there was still not enough evidence on the involvement of Hafiz Saeed, Mr. Krishna said such statements were unfortunate. Informed sources said there was no specific dossier on Hafiz Saeed, but each of the six dossiers submitted to Pakistan had revealed his involvement in planning the attacks, providing logistical support and training the perpetrators. A reading of the six dossiers collected by our intelligence agencies would show that one of the names that comes out prominently is that of Hafiz Saeed, the sources said.