SYDNEY (AFP) - Pop songstress Kylie Minogue on Wednesday edged out sports stars, personalities and the prime minister to take the title of Australias best-known personal brand. Girl-next-door Minogue had the most powerful branding of any famous Australian, according to a marketing and entertainment industry survey, with her name associated with music, acting, and ventures in perfume and underwear. I think what makes Kylie number one is overall she appeals to a broad stream of people, Mark Richardson from surveying company Talent Inc said. Although shes had ups and downs in terms of her albums, and especially in her love life and her health, shes always managed those things with grace and integrity, Richardson told the AAP newswire. Over a period of time its given her brand a real strength and value. Supermodel Elle Macpherson came in at second, followed by cricketer Shane Warne, comedy persona Dame Edna Everage and golfer Greg Norman. Wildlife personality Steve Irwin and actors Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman also made the top ten, followed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at number nine and entrepreneur Dick Smith, who was in tenth place. Childrens television performers and Australias highest-paid entertainers, The Wiggles, were ranked 18th. Richardson said the survey generally found good looks helped boost a womans brand but werent essential for brand success for a man, while international success and a perception of well-roundedness also helped. Trade Minister Simon Crean, who on Wednesday launched a multi-million dollar campaign to give Australia an image makeover, was amused to learn the prime minister had made the top ten. We dont even have to pay him (to do the ads), Crean joked. That should keep the 20 million (dollar campaign cost) down if we use Kevin.