KARACHI - MQM legislators in Senate on Wednesday said that the army operation against party was a conspiracy to halt its struggle for the uplift of oppressed people. In their statement issued, MQM Senators while commenting on the disclosure regarding the fake allegation of Jinnahpur by the former top army officials said that it was a plot to desist the people of the country from joining the struggle of MQM. MQM is the party of middle class community, which was struggling for the elimination of feudal system from the country and wanted to uplift the middle class of the country, they said. They said that the allegation of Jinnahpur on MQM was a conspiracy to defame their party among the oppressed people of Punjab, saying that through these conspiracies, they wanted to block the message of MQM about the leadership of oppressed class. They further said that the disclosure of General Naseer Akhtar and Brigadier Imtiaz has exposed the reality before the people that MQM is a patriot party of the country. They claimed that the representative of the Punjab province had confused after the disclosure of reality, adding that these people are afraid about their future. They further said that MQM was struggling for the peace, development and prosperity of the country. They hoped that the day would come when the oppressed people, especially the people of Punjab would gather under the banner of MQM for the elimination of politics of opportunism.