The two-day meeting of the National Finance Commission began Thursday to review the formula for dividing financial resources among the provinces. Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen is chairing the meeting while all the provincial finance ministers and four other experts nominated by the provinces are among the attendees. According to a timeline fixed by the government, the award is to be finalised by the end of September and enforced from July 1, 2010. The new award is likely to provide a revenue-sharing formula for the provinces on the basis of population, area, poverty, backwardness, revenue generation and other factors in the next five years. Detailed provincial negotiation strategies were finalised at all provincial capitals on Wednesday with high hopes to get higher share from the federal government. Under the interim award, the provincial share in federal revenues is already set to increase to 50% during the fiscal year 2010-11. The NWFP government is likely to demand additional funds on top of its due share in order to rehabilitate the militancy-hit province. The Awami National Party-led government also plans to approach international donors for financial assistance if the federal government failed to give details about the funds it received on account of the war on terrorism. The coalition government in Sindh is expected to demand removal of non-NFC issues such as Octroi and GST on new services from the terms of references of the NFC. Balochistan is likely to seek a sizeable increase in its share and demand increase in its gas royalty according to the ratio given to Sindh, news reports suggested. While the Punjab is likely to demand the allocation of resources on the basis of population.